10 Modern and minimalist bedroom design ideas for you

10 Modern and minimalist bedroom
design ideas for you

Archana is one of my blogfriends who 
is so kind to help me out here on mij blog.
Due to personal circumstances I’m not able to blog as much as normal.
But this post form Archana about bedrooms end taking care of yourself so that you can relax and unwind is one blog to my heart. I wish my bedroom looks like te one in the first picture. 
That would be exactly what I need right now :-)
So: Thank you Archana for this great post! 
Here it is: 
Hi! My name is Archana. As a Social Media Specialist I work for a well known Dutch beddingcompany (Swiss Sense) and I am also helping entrepreneurs being social online with my workshops. As a lover of Interior and Bedroom Design, I share everything I like on my blog www.archana.nl
Imagine yourself sitting at the office. It’s a busy day and time is ticking slowly. 
You are thinking about going home. At home you can relax and unwind. 
Than you think about your bedroom. Unfortunately it’s not a happy place. 
Unpacked boxes, clothes lying around and you feel you can’t stand it any longer. 
You need your own happy place, a bedroom that’s inviting 
and where you can go when you need some time alone and to sleep of course. 
No clutter and no more stuff lying around. 
I have some great bedroom inspiration for you! 
What you need is a minimalist-style bedroom.
Express yourself with less and place comfort at the forefront. 
You don’t have to get rid of everything in your bedroom but it’s time for you
to find a balance and to keep what’s necessary and 
to get rid of stuff you don’t need. 
Especially in the bedroom. 
So, what do you need besides your favourite book, 
fresh sheets, a comfortable pillow and curtains 
or window shades that block the (sun)light? 
Let me share some inspiring minimal bedrooms with you! 
by Capital Building
source unknown
by Ian Moore Architects 
Source unknown
by Robert Granoff 
source unknown

This guestblogpost is written by Archana

Thanks so much Archana!!


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